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Attend a CQC member quilt show with more than 70 vendors, raffles and appraisals.

Fossils: Clues to the Past

See how fossils are studied and what things can be learned from them.

River Paintings

View a solo exhibition of works by Colorado native comtemporary painter Stephen Batura, in which the artist reinterprets photo archive from early twentieth-century Denver.

Creatures of Light

Delve into the world of living things that blink, glow, flash, and flicker, from tiny fireflies to strange creatures in the ocean depths. Explore the mysterious world of bioluminescence and biofluorescence, visible light emitted by living things. See larger-than-life models, engaging immersive environments, fun activities, and real animals, fungi, and minerals that get their glow…

History of the Future

Tour an exhibit by Nathan Abels, which embeds contemporary technologies and icons into scenes from a perspective of faith, ritual, and religion.

Discovery Corner

Discover, design, doodle, and more, in the museum’s new and improved play space in which children can touch real museum specimens.

Invertebrate World

See the exhibit that goes beyond just butterflies with an explosion of bug diversity.

Rocky Mountain Train Show

Explore 2-1/2 acres of trains with displays, demonstrations, sales, and clinics. Admission is good for both days.

Ultimate Dinosaurs

Go beyond familiar dinosaurs to showcase some of the most spectacular fossils unearthed in recent years. Evolving in isolation, the discoveries from Africa, South America and Madagascar are among the strangest creatures you have ever met.

Maker Faire Denver

Meet other people who enjoy learning and sharing what they can do from engineers to artists to scientists to crafters. See their hobbies, experiments and projects. Ticket prices vary by date and age. Visit website for details.

Joy for Toys

Look back at the toys that were entertaining children in decades gone by.

Arvada Fair For The Band

Please note that the date has changed since being published in our print calendar. This entry reflects the correct information. Shop from over 100 local artists showcasing their handmade items. Proceeds directly benefit the Arvada High School Band and Color Guard programs. Entry fee is $2.

Exhibition Opening Reception

Explore the role that fashion plays in developing a cultural identity in major urban settings. This exhibit acknowledges the contributions of the Pachuco movement to the American experience.

Discovery Zone

Explore age-appropriate, multi-sensory exhibits, activities, and programs that focus on science process skills as children explore basic concepts in physical science, life science, earth and space sciences, math, and human culture.

Dinosaur Discoveries: Ancient Fossils, New Ideas

See what living dinosaurs were really like and explore how dinosaur biology has changed over the past two decades, featuring research by scientists from the American Museum of Natural History.

Degas: A Passion for Perfection

See the exhibit that showcases prolific French artist Edgar Degas’ works from 1855 to 1906. More than 100 works consisting of paintings, drawings, pastels, etchings, monotypes, and sculptures in bronze will be on view. The exhibition will focus on the most prominent and recurring themes throughout Degas’ 60-year career. These include his interest in learning…

Denver Travel & Adventure Show

Explore endless vacation options through more than 150 destinations around the globe. Meet travel celebrities Rick Steves and Phil Keoghan. Enjoy cooking demonstrations and cultural performances. Kids will enjoy camel rides and SCUBA lessons in the dive pool.


View a solo exhibition by Joel Swanson, which explores the structures and technologies of language, their materialities, and their modes of signification through digital art, sculpture, and interactive installations, in the MacMillan Family Lobby and Hand-Rudy Gallery.

The Little Clinic Exhibit

Explore the medical field through play and take on the role of nurse or patient. Featuring stations with lessons about anatomy and the heart.

Front Range Rising

Go back in time to when the Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians arrived in Colorado, learn about the earliest settlements in the St. Vrain valley, experience the arrival of the train, and more.

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