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artSPARK Creative Studio

5650 S. Curtice St.
Littleton, CO 80120

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When we think of summer we think of long, blissful days to dream, play, be care-free, explore, discover, and soak in the unstructured time away from school. Families these days are BUSY! Kids need a break from routine to let their imaginations run free and make their own rules in a safe and supportive environment. At artSPARK we like to break free from giving endless directions to follow, and instead follow our young artists as they think outside the box. We offer drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and fiber arts as well as other materials and processes when we see the right opportunity.

So what will your child make and do each day? Are there themes each week? We do not have set themes, but themes do emerge as the kids get in the flow of creating. Kids inspire kids and we plan and prepare right along with the latest trend started in the studio. We follow the kids and their artistic interests. We let them discover what lights their "spark" and then fuel the fire. We do cooperative and collaboritve activities to encourage kids to broaden their perspective and interact with others. Your child will make something meaningful to them and age appropriate based on their skill level.

We are all about CREATIVE PLAY & INNOVATION. We like to set up invitations to create with open-ended outcomes, allowing kids the creative power to own their ideas and work through the aritstic process with guidance rather than following a "recipe" with an expected outcome. At summer camp, kids will problem-solve, use critical thinking skills, collaborate, experiment, invent, and be exposed to new artists, materials, and processes for inspiration.

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