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Celebrate Dobby the Giraffe’s 1st Birthday at the Denver Zoo

Look inside Dobby’s baby book from his first year!


First birthday parties are so cute, and the birthday celebration for Denver Zoo‘s one-year old male giraffe Dobby will bring cuteness to new heights. On February 28, families are invited to the Denver Zoo to celebrate with Dobby at a party, complete with decorations and a tasty giraffe birthday treat for Dobby and the other giraffes. The party starts at 1:30 p.m. in front of the giraffe exhibit or inside of the Giraffe House, depending on weather.

Dobby was born at the Denver Zoo on February 28, 2017 to parents Kipele and Dikembe at only 5 feet tall and 73 lbs, which believe it or not, is small for a newborn giraffe. Thankfully, Dobby’s had a healthy first year, growing to 9 feet, 5 inches, and 736 pounds, more than 10 times the weight he was at birth. He is expected to grow up to 12-feet tall and will weigh between 2,420 and 4,215 pounds when he’s full grown at three years old.


Denver Zoo communications manager Jake Kubie says the zoo served 2.2 million people in 2017, an all-time attendance record, and Dobby’s birth was a factor in the record attendance. Guests can feed Dobby and the other giraffes Friday through Sunday (March 2-4), at 12:30 p.m.

Check out these cute snaps from Dobby’s first year!

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