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Me Time


Talking Politics in Front of Kids

Whether you're talking about politics at home or your kids encounter discussions outside of the house, there are ways to help diffuse their concerns.


My Me Time: Rachael Harding

Rachael Harding choreographs her days, balancing her time between raising three daughters, running a business, and nurturing her home and family.

The Power of Saying No

Take a pass on just one thing. Why it's okay to say no sometimes.

My Me Time: Kristy Lewis

Quinn Snacks co-founder talks about why Me Time is important to her.


My Me Time: Gretchen White

Stay-at-home mom, blogger, and mother of nine Gretchen White gives her take on why "me time" is important to her.

The Importance of Me Time

Experts say taking at least 20 minutes a day of time for yourself can greatly improve quality of life.

Himalayan Salt Caves

Step beyond the ornately carved wooden door and enter Colorado’s only salt cave to experience a spa therapy gaining popularity in the U.S.

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