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Summer Fun Unboxed

Curb summer boredom with a subscription box tailored to your child’s interests.


Kids can’t wait for summer to arrive, but let’s face it: they get bored, and parents hear about it often. That’s why we rounded up a selection of kid-friendly subscription boxes to curb any mid-summer boredom woes. These monthly boxes are full of activities and projects to en- gage children on their own or with a parent, and there’s a range of themes to choose from.

For Creative Kids

If you’re looking for fun, creative and eco-friendly craft activities for youngsters, then Green Kid Crafts is for you. The monthly boxes are packed with three or four unique and en- gaging activities designed for children ages 3 to 10. Each month is focused around a new theme relating to arts, crafts and science, and all the activities are kid tested and parent approved. As an earth-friendly bonus, all Green Kid Crafts boxes are made from recycled materials and most of the supplies included with the activities can be composted, recycled or reused. $19.95 per month, greenkidcrafts.com


Surprise Ride features fun activities on subjects like art, science, food and geography, designed to inspire creativity in kids. Each “ride” is specially curated for children ages 6 to 11 and includes all the supplies needed to complete two themed projects. There’s a book exploring the topic of the month, a tasty snack, a booklet with facts and information about the ride’s theme and ways to continue exploration, as well as other surprises. $29.99 per month,


Awesome Pack is geared toward families with children age 15 and under, and it’s full of games and activities the family can do together. Each Awesome Family Pack is customized to your family’s specifics — ages, likes and dislikes, favorite games and so on — and contains six to eight specially picked items from top-selling brands. Every pack includes a board game, a family activity and activity for each child, surprise goodies for each child, a book to chronicle your time spent playing together and other surprises. Add pets to the customization and your furry family members get a special treat, too. Re-customize your pack to your family’s liking each month. The more you customize, the more tailored the boxes become. $44.99 per month, awesome- pack.com

Christina Cook is the editorial assistant for Colorado Parent.

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