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2024 the Face of Pediatric Dentistry

Are your kids anxious about going to the dentist? Fear not, because the wonderful team at Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek is here to change the way your children experience dental care! Patients are excited to return to their office, all thanks to the loving and family-first environment they provide.

“We’ve been serving the families here since 1972. It’s a legacy practice, from generation to generation,” says Dr. Lisa Carlson-Marks, pediatric dentist at Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek. “A lot of the children that come into our practice, their parents, or their grandparents have been patients and are familiar with our practice and our philosophy.”

From the moment you step through the door to the back of the office, the entire team at Children’s Dentistry is focused, compassionate, and fully equipped to make every visit a positive experience for families and their children.

“We’re not just looking at teeth here; we’re really focused on an individual approach for every patient, every child, every family,” shares Dr. Lacey Bowen, pediatric dentist at Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek. “They all get an individualized experience, catered to the needs of the family. We believe in two key principles for lifelong oral health: education and prevention. Our goal is to help your child maintain a healthy smile throughout their life. By teaching them the importance of good oral care and providing the tools to achieve it, we set them on the path to a lifetime of great smiles.”

But that’s not all – Children’s Dentistry is not just your regular dental office. They collaborate with Children’s Hospital Colorado for special cases that require extensive dental treatment. This unique approach ensures specialized care for all patients, including those with special needs. Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek doesn’t stop at their office doors. They are deeply involved in the community and run several outreach programs at local schools, events, fairs, and more. Through these community initiatives, they continue to support their patients in and out of the office, making dental care an integral part of their lives.

Healthy teeth and gums are essential for a child’s overall health, so it’s key to have a dental team that provides exceptional service. Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek offers kind, compassionate, and high-quality care. So, if you’re looking for a dental experience that’s more like a family visit and less like a dental appointment, Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek is the place to be. They’re not just keeping those smiles bright; they’re keeping hearts happy and worry-free.

Dr. Carlson-Marks sums it up perfectly: “We’re not just dentists; we’re friends who care about your child’s well-being.”

With Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek, you can rest assured that your children will look forward to their next dental visit with excitement and leave beaming with a beautiful and healthy smile.

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