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2024 The Face of Photography

The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” might be overused, but it is true. Through photography, Roese Ramp is able to capture moments in time and transform basic business profiles to connect with viewers and tell a story. The documentary photographer and the owner of Roese Ramp Photography is not only the Face of Photography but also the Face of Storytelling.

Roese explains that documentary photography is an authentic way to convey messages and stories that viewers can connect with and believe. “My passion is to tell stories of emotion and connection. Photography provides the tool that allows me to convey that storytelling into visual images.”

Roese knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue art and design. Growing up, she was influenced and supported by her parents, one an artist and the other a contractor. Both were business owners who taught and instilled a sense of hard work, creativity, and problem-solving.

After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame, Roese went down a unique creative path and ran an interior design company for 10 years before returning to her roots in photography.

“Creating with the intent to capture the beauty in this world is what I strive for every day,” Roese says. “I value human connection and understand how to document what is happening in front of me in a way that helps my clients communicate their impact and intent.”

At her core, Roese uses creativity and problem-solving to help good people and ideas thrive. She uses storytelling through imagery so that organizations and people can connect. She explains that storytelling with photography is “my special superpower to make this happen.”

Whether you’re a business looking to connect with the community or a family wanting to document your journey, Roese Ramp Photography will bring authenticity and capture incredible moments. To see more of Roese’s work, jump on her website at

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