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2024 the Face of Speech & Language Pathology

Lisa Klein, the Owner and Clinical Director of LKS & Associates, a leading nationwide clinic specializing in Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Myofunctional therapy, and JASPER, saw a need in the Denver community and has opened a clinic in Cherry Creek to provide specialized care for children. In addition to these areas of expertise, LKS & Associates offers traditional speech-language therapy that includes expressive, receptive and pragmatic language, articulation, and phonology in order to fully care for every child’s unique needs.

At LKS & Associates, the speech-language pathologists offer individualized care and expertise that surpass the traditional clinics because of the extensive and unique training each pathologist has undergone.

Specializing in Childhood Apraxia of Speech, a speech disorder that makes it difficult for kids to plan and coordinate the movements needed to speak clearly, LKS & Associates see many children who don’t realize they have a voice or can make sounds. 

“When a child makes their first sound or says their first words, it’s a truly amazing experience. We cry with families, we laugh with families, we celebrate with families,” says Klein. “It’s such a celebration to be part of this incredible life change for families and help give their kids voices.”

LKS & Associates also specializes in Myofunctional therapy – a type of therapy that helps improve the muscles and functions of the mouth and face. Myofunctional issues can impact a child in several different ways, from not being able to get into a deep sleep because of breathing difficulties, to children being picky eaters because they don’t have the ability to manipulate their food.

“Myofunctional therapy is really important for overall oral-facial development, breathing, sleeping, and eating,” says Klein.

Lisa Klein is the world’s first speech pathologist to have fidelity in the treatment approach: JASPER (Joint, Attention, Symbolic, Play, Engagement Regulation). Developed by Dr. Connie Kasari at the University of California, Los Angeles, this method focuses on helping children improve their communication skills in a more interactive and enjoyable way.

“Those three areas are very specific, and they require tons of training and expertise,” Klein says. “Giving children the ability to advocate for themselves and communicate their wants and needs is one of the greatest gifts.”

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