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2024 the Face of Urgent Care 

A trip to Urgent Care can be incredibly stressful for a parent, not only because a child is hurt or sick but the cost of a visit can be surprisingly expensive. Moreover, several clinics in Colorado don’t have certified pediatricians to properly diagnose and care for children. Seeing the need in the community, Dr. Daniel J. Feiten, MD, and 23 other pediatric clinicians came together and opened PediaClinic to fix this problem. 

PediaClinic accepts all children up to the age of 18 and specializes in pediatric care, so your child gets the help and information they need. 

“Every other time I work there, a mother has tears in her eyes because she realizes that this really saved her a lot of money,” says Dr. Feiten, the Clinical Manager of PediaClinic. “I love being able to provide that sigh or relief for families.” 

PediaClinic provides families with affordable, high-quality, and convenient access to pediatric professionals after hours, at school, and at home. The clinic is able to provide after-hour care through Telehealth, which allows parents and patients to receive medical help without visiting the office. 

“Imagine having a four-month-old with a high fever in Colorado, and the mom doesn’t know where to go or what to do,” Dr. Feiten says. “At least she can use Telehealth to contact us, and we can make a decision as to whether or not they need to go somewhere… Or we can just reassure them, and they can stay at home.” 

Currently, PediaClinic has an office in Highlands Ranch, but to further its mission to help families across Colorado, the clinic offers two more locations. The clinics are in Central Park and Castle Rock and will be open and accepting patients in January. The pediatric team continues to provide quality care that’s affordable and convenient by accepting walk-in and same-day appointments. 

Don’t break the bank on a visit to an Urgent Care that doesn’t have a pediatric clinician available. Instead, head to PediaClinic, which, more likely than not, has seen and dealt with the medical problem before.

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