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3 Apps for Family Budget Tracking

Free apps designed to help Mom and Dad get the upper hand on the family budget.

Any parent knows that the more kids you have, the more complicated the family budget gets. From tracking school fees, to sports registration costs to the weekly grocery budget, it can be overwhelming. Here are some free apps designed to help Mom and Dad get the upper hand on the family budget.


iPhone/Android – Free

Mint has been around for years and is backed by Intuit. You connect the app to your bank accounts and credit cards and Mint does most of the work for you. It”ll remind you when bills are due, help categorize all of your expenses and help you set spending goals. Mint will even point out areas where you may be spending too much.


iPhone/Android – Free

You”ve probably heard of the “envelope” system for managing your home budget. That worked well back in the days of cash but now everything is cashless, and so is this app. It’s designed to replicate the idea of placing specific budgets into envelopes to help track your spending. It can sync between multiple phones and tablets so you and your spouse can use it together. Think of it as the “virtual envelope” system!


iPhone/Android – Free

BillGuard also helps you keep track of your spending but what makes it unique is that it keeps a close eye on your accounts. If something is out of the ordinary, it will let you know. It will also spot fraudulent charges the second they pop up. I”ve used this on my accounts for a while, and it has helped me spot duplicate charges multiple times. You”d be surprised how often this happens and people never even know.

Kirk Yuhnke is a father of 3, a self-admitted geek and the weekday anchor on Fox31 Denver’s Good Day Colorado.

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