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kebabs on wood
Photo: Anna Sutterer

3 Tasty Kabob Combos to Grill This Summer

Keep things cool and simple in the kitchen with this build-your-own classic dinner for the grill—plus a tasty dessert!

Use up bits of veggies cluttering the fridge and stockpiled meat from the freezer to concoct a variety of kabobs. Try these classic combos or dream up your own.

Chicken Styx

Souvlaki marinated chicken + zucchini + grape tomatoes + tzatziki on the side

The Luau Skew

Teriyaki chicken + pineapple + onion + bell pepper + Hawaiian rolls on the side

Steak on a Stake

Marinated steak + red onion + Yukon Gold potato + mushrooms

Orange float
Photo: Allie Sutterer.

Soda Shoppe Swap

Shake up your usual root beer and vanilla ice cream combo with these inventive floats. Order favorite ice cream flavors from one of Denver’s independent creameries, like Little Man Ice Cream, Inside Scoop Creamery, or Sweet Cow, to experiment with creative combos. Add a classic soda fountain glass, long spoon and reusable straw, and whipped cream to complete the look.

Homegrown Blackberry Pie

Rocky Mountain Soda Co. Breckenridge Blackberry + Sweet Cow Oatmeal Cookie ice cream

Orange You Glad?

Orange soda + Vanilla bean ice cream + sliced bananas

Sippable PB&J

Vanilla cream soda + peanut butter ice cream + berries

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