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3 Tech Tools to Turn Up the Spook Factor on Halloween

Have a little fun this Halloween with these dad-approved tech devices.

Release the little goblins into the neighborhood. It’s about that time of the year when we work our hardest to scare everyone and anyone. This year, use some cool tech (that you may already own) to kick up your Halloween game.

Spooky Music

You have the fake cobwebs, the smoke machine, and the creepy skeletons on your porch, but you really need some spooky music to seal the deal. Easy. You may already have a wireless bluetooth speaker, but any decent speaker will do the trick. Charge it up and sync it to a tablet or smartphone in your home. If you search YouTube for “Halloween music hour,” you’ll find multiple clips that have an hour or more of creepy Halloween music. Perfect to play on that frightful night.

Creepy Smart Lights

Forget that orange or purple floodlight, go high-tech with some smart LED string lights. I personally like the Yeelight Light Strip (available on Amazon). It’s a 6.5-foot light strip that can be tucked into a caldron or attached under your porch ceiling to create creepy ambiance. Select and rotate through a variety of colors using your smartphone.

Project the Ghouls

Video projectors are so cheap these days and they give you the tools to really scare the heck out of your neighbors. I’ve seen pico video projectors under $50 online. If you already own a projector then you’re ready to go. Grab a white bed sheet and tape it over a window. Next, set up the projector inside your home to point at that sheet. Search YouTube for “Halloween projection loops” and you’ll find plenty of fun options. If you’re feeling really ambitious, use your smartphone camera to create your own Halloween projector videos. From outside your home, it will look super creepy!

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