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Photo: Chris Quirarte and ActivArmor.

3D Printing Reduces Cast Limitations for Kids

Wearing a cast usually means staying out of the water. This technology, new to the Front Range, keeps kids swimming, even while they heal.

Almost nothing can stop an active child…except for maybe a broken bone and the cast used to immobilize the injury. And, swimming and bathing are typically a no-go or a big challenge with a cast. But thanks to custom 3D printing, kids with casts can now play in the water without worry.

Children’s Hospital Colorado is the first pediatric hospital in the nation, and first hospital on the Front Range, to begin offering waterproof ActivArmor casts, which use custom 3D technology to help heal pediatric injuries from acute fractures to chronic conditions. The casts are created using 3D body scans to mold the orthosis precisely to each patient.

The innovative design also allows doctors to monitor skin and surgical scar health (to avoid infection) without cast removal. “We’re working to improve the quality of life of patients, and let them focus on being kids, instead of on their injuries,” says Diana Hall, president of ActivArmor.

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