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Painted Rock
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4 Creative Summertime Boredom Busters

Hands-on activities for warm weather fun.

Summertime is filled with opportunity. Warmer weather and flexible schedules mean families have endless possibilities of places to go and things to see. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to stay home and create a little adventure in the neighborhood or even your own backyard. Here are four ways to celebrate summer and access creativity.

Go on a Doodle Picnic

Pack up the picnic basket with all of the fun things needed to sketch and doodle: pencils, paper, sketchbooks, colored pencils, and markers (and some snacks, too). Find a place to sit down to create. This is a great opportunity to share special art supplies or papers with kids in an environment meant to focus on drawing.

Tie Dye

Kids love to tie dye. Whether you purchase new cotton T-shirts for this activity or round up old pillowcases, the results of creating with tie dye are sure to impress. Plus you can work on the project outside and keep the house clean. Tulip One Step Tie Dye kits are easy to use.

Make Up Games

Kids are masters at creating games on their own. Provide them with some simple materials (felt, beanbags, balls, poster board, etc.) and watch them work up amazing games. To take it up a level, they can make their own clay game pieces with Sculpey Bake Shop clay. The clay is made for kids; it doesn’t dry out and the baked pieces last a long time. Game time is also a great time to encourage fairness, safety, and sportsmanship.

Paint Rocks

This is a favorite! Kids love to paint and rocks are a perfect base. Paint pet rocks, inspiring word rocks, letter rocks to spell words, or anything else they can think up. Paint markers or 3D paints are tried and tested supplies to have on hand for easy rock painting. The 3D paint does take longer to dry but it adds a fun texture.

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