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Photo: Heather Gaumer.

4 Heart-FELT Crafts for Kids

Valentine's Day felt crafts for kids.

It’s soft, it’s cozy, and it’s really forgiving, which makes felt the perfect medium for kids’ craft projects. Give Valentine’s Day a handcrafted touch with these felt crafts.

Felt Heart Embellishments

Turn these sweet layered hearts into wearable pins, hair clips, or even a choker necklace. They also make cute refrigerator magnets or embellishments for a handmade card.

Adapted from Art Sparks by Marion Abrams and Hilary Emerson Lay



  1. Cut a heart from felt. Use the fold-and-cut method for making symmetrical heart sides, or trace a heart shape using a template. layered hearts kids crafts valentines
  2. Cut two more hearts, in different colors, smaller than the one before, so they can be layered.
  3. Thread the needle with a couple strands of thread or embroidery floss; knot at one end. Starting in the back, stitch up through the layered hearts and through one of the buttonholes, then back down through another buttonhole and all layers of the hearts. Repeat this a couple times to secure the button and the layers. Knot the thread in the back of the layered hearts.layered hearts felt crafts valentines
  4. Glue the finished heart to a pin base, hair clip, magnet, or card. Valentines crafts kid child hearts

Felt Treasure Pouch

These pouches look even prettier with the stitches showing along the edges—it’s a simple activity to introduce little ones to sewing. Add a felt heart or candy inside. Kids will have a special place to keep treasures.

felt envelope Valentines craftSupplies:


  1. Cut a 9 by 4-inch rectangle.
  2. With rectangle positioned vertically, fold 3 inches up from the bottom to create a pocket. felt envelope crafts valentines
  3. Thread needle with two strands of thread or embroidery floss. Knot one end. Whip stitch along one side of the pocket, beginning your first stitch from the inside bottom corner, so that the knot is hidden. When you reach the top of the pocket, knot the thread. Repeat on the other edge of the pocket. felt envelope kids crafts valentines
  4. Place the button on the front of the top flap where you would like it, and mark its location with a pencil. Cut a small slit through the felt in that location that is just the height of the button. Close the flap. Push the pencil through the middle of the slit and make a mark on the front of the pocket. Felt envelope Valentines crafts
  5. Open the top flap, lay the button over the pencil mark, and stitch it in place.
  6. Fill with a treat and button it closed.

Conversation Heart Pillow

Share a sweet message on a mini pillow inspired by classic Valentine’s Day candies. Kids can customize the message and give them as gifts. The pillows are also the perfect size for kids to pack in an overnight bag or suitcase, to remember that they are loved, wherever they go.

Heart mini pillow felt craftSupplies:


  1. Cut two identical hearts from pink felt, 4 inches tall. Cut one smaller heart from dark pink felt, 2 inches tall. layered hearts felt craft
  2. Trim the edges of each heart with pinking shears for a decorative edge (optional).
  3. Choose a message for your pillow, and lightly write the message in pencil on the center of a small heart. Stitch over the message using needle and embroidery floss. felt conversation heart craft Valentines
  4. Lay the small heart on top of one of the large hearts, and stitch in place along the edge. stuffed heart felt Valentines craft
  5. Stack the two large hearts together and stitch around the edge, leaving a small opening for stuffing. conversation heart felt craft Valentines
  6. Stuff pillow, and stitch the opening closed.

Felt Heart Banner

This banner transforms felt and a collection of crafting scraps into a festive Valentine’s Day decoration. The premium felt recommended for the banner flags is thicker and strong enough to hold the embellishments and still hang nicely.

Felt Banner valentines crafts kids
Photo: Laura Kelly.
Courtesy of Laura Kelly



  1. Cut a 4 by 6-inch rectangle from gray felt. Cut a V shape into one of the 4-inch edges. Repeat three more times to create 4 banner flags.
  2. Cut out a large heart for each flag and smaller hearts to add details.
  3. Use felt glue or fabric glue to layer on ribbons and large felt hearts.
  4. Glue on smaller hearts, buttons, and bows tied from ribbon to decorate each flag; let dry. Add sequins and pom-pom balls if desired.
  5. Clip the flags to twine with clothespins.

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