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5 Must See LEGO Attractions at Brick Fest Live

Brick Fest Live—a nationwide LEGO fan experience—makes a pit stop in Denver Aug. 13-14. Here’s a peek at what’s in store.

Imagine walking into a room filled with millions of LEGO bricks, massive LEGO creations, LEGO villages and life-size LEGO models, and getting the chance to build your own LEGO creations alongside other fans. Sounds like a LEGO fan’s dream come true, right? You can do all that (and more) at Brick Fest Live, Aug. 13-14 at the Denver Mart.

Spearheaded by two dadpreneurs inspired by their children’s own love of LEGO, Brick Fest Live is a fan-created LEGO-palooza for all ages. Brick Fest Live founder and producer, Chad Collins, says he gives all the credit to his daughter—who is a big LEGO fan herself and even emcees the trivia portion of the event. At the age of 7, she turned her love of LEGO into a YouTube channel with her dad, where they would talk about their latest LEGO creations, share tips and meet other fans virtually. The channel grew in popularity and that’s when Brick Fest Live was born.

A former engineer and lifelong LEGO fan, Collins wanted to create an event where LEGO fans (kids and big kids like him) could meet in person and share their love of LEGO together—as he did with his son and daughter. He believes that hands-on projects like LEGO really bring families together. “As a parent, the real value is being able to spend time with them, seated at a table, working together on a project,” he says. “I”ve learned more about my children during those times than when we go to a movie together or even see a baseball game.”

From the moment kids walk through the doors at Brick Fest Live they become immersed in a world full of LEGO. Collins says their eyes get so wide and full of wonder, and that’s the moment that makes it most worth it for him. “You never know how you”ll inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists and artists,” he says.

Unique to the Denver event, you”ll find local buildings and structures from the Denver area, all built out of LEGO in incredible detail, as well as LEGO creations from local adult LEGO fans. Also don’t be surprised if you see Darth Vader, a couple of Storm Troopers and the car from Back to the Future. And of course there are hands-on activities, too.

Here are five fun activities for families to enjoy at Brick Fest Live.

  1. Brick Fest Derby – Kids can build their own LEGO derby cars and race them against mom or dad down a 35-foot-long timed track.
  2. LEGO Mini Golf Course – Families can compete in a friendly game of putt putt on the Brick-Links—a course built out of LEGO bricks.
  3. Collaborative Building – Build alongside other LEGO fans and create your own work of LEGO art on massive walls of LEGO mosaics.
  4. Inspiration Stations – Kids get the chance to build their own creations with LEGO bricks and even add on to existing cities.
  5. Video Game Arena – Challenge the whole family to a game and make new friends while playing your favorite LEGO video games.

Brick Fest Live! runs at the Denver Mart (451 E. 58th Ave.) on August 13-14, 2016. To purchase tickets visit

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