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5 New Games in 2024

New game additions coming in 2024 will take Family Game Night to new competitive levels. These five games are made by Ravensburger and ThinkFun, which are companies that make award-winning board games and high-quality toys and puzzles. 

“Our goal at Ravensburger is to continue to provide meaningful moments and experiences for our customers, and our 2024 lineup of family games and toys continues this mission,” says Stephane Madi, CEO of Ravensburger North America. “This year, we’re focused on expanding the breadth of our existing, popular brands while also launching some anticipated novelty options in games, toys, and puzzles. We can’t wait to see friends and families gather around the table to play and puzzle their way together through the year.”

Garden Heist
Ages 6+
Based on Red Light Green Light, the raccoons will play hide-and-seek to steal food and trash treasures when the gardener is away. But don’t get too comfortable! The gardener sits behind the house screen until he pops open the window to spy on the raccoons.
June, 2024

Math Path Monster
Ages 6+
It’s inevitable that players will stumble upon the Math Monster’s lair and have to work together using math skills to beat him. Players will use addition and subtraction during the epic race to the cave entrance.

Oh My Pigeons!
Ages 8+
Fill your benches with adorable pigeon miniatures to prove you rule the roost. Players can use their cards to tempt pigeons with snacks, steal pigeons from their neighbors, or leave it up to fate with the roll of the die.
August, 2024

That’s Not A Hat (Pop Culture)
Ages 8+
The goal of this game is to remember objects inspired by Millenials and Gen Z. You only see each card once, so you better remember what they are…or try to lie!
June, 2024

Ages 9+
Enter the enchanted world and assemble your team of wondrous mushroom folk to help you on your mission to collect the magical dewdrops. This game is intended for 1-4 players, including extra play expansions. 

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