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Celebrate the New School Year

5 Ways to Celebrate the New School Year

Get the school year started on the right foot with these easy ways to celebrate.

1. Pick a New Outfit

On the first day of school, let your kiddo pick out an outfit he’s excited to wear, with only one rule: that it’s clean.

2. Cook Up a Special Breakfast

Bust out your pancake making skills (hint: use a squeeze bottle to make fun shapes), fry up some bacon or eggs for protein, and chat with your child about what she is excited for this school year.

3. Pack a Note in Their Lunch

Lunchtime on the first day can be tough. Boost your child’s confidence by packing a sweet note in her lunch bag telling her your favorite things about her. Bonus points if you include a joke she can tell at the lunch table.

4. Take First Day of School Photos

Start a first-day photo tradition. Ask your child to write what he wants to be when he grows up on a piece of paper, pose him with it, snap a photo, and watch the answer change through the years.

5. Read The Kissing Hand

Many parents take inspiration on the first day of school from the classic children’s book The Kissing Hand, a story about a raccoon afraid to start school in the forest. His mom, Mrs. Raccoon, has inspired many parents to draw hearts on their child’s hand to reassure them of their love anytime the day feels scary.

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