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6 Essentials for a Family Night In

Cold winter nights call for comfy PJs, a crackling fire, and relaxing activities. Here’s everything you need for a fun family night at home.

Friendly competition is the name of the game with The Original Tiny Hands Challenge Game. Working in teams, players must complete physical stunts—like catching a ball or serving someone a drink of water—using a pair of tiny plastic hands. Your family is in for a laugh-riot of fun. $15, available at Target stores

Who says matching pajamas have to be reserved for the holidays? These Hanna Andersson pizza pajamas come in matching styles for the whole family, with sizes for baby, kids, and adults. They’re the perfect lounge outfit for a cozy night at home; wear them for your next family pizza night. $40-$48

No family movie night is complete without warm, buttery popcorn. Skip the microwavable bag and pop your own with the Nostalgia Electrics ’50s Style Kettle Popcorn Popper. It’s easy to use: just fill the kettle with kernels, add a bit of oil, and let it pop-pop-pop away. You’ll have movie-theater worthy popcorn in no time. $77

With the CINEMOOD portable movie theater, you can take your family movie night anywhere. Set the palm-size projector up in any room of the house—all you need is a flat surface to project on, such as a wall, ceiling, or white sheet. The device connects to streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Prime Video, and also comes preloaded with a bunch of kid-friendly content, including more than 65 digital books from Disney. $300

Challenge your kids to use their strategic thinking skills outside of school, with the Chickapig board game. The goal is to get your chicken-pig hybrids across a checkers-type board, but you’ll have to think smart to dodge your opponents, hay bales, and, yes, a pooping cow. It’s so fun your kids won’t even realize they’re learning! $30

The Holden & Hay Weighted Blanket may easily end up being the one comfy blanket your family fights over. Made in Denver, the blanket is hand-stuffed with shredded recycled denim and covered in Italian merino wool and shearling fleece. Its weight provides a swaddle-sensation similar to that of a hug, which has been proven to be beneficial for those with autism, ADD, and PTSD. It’s sure to be the coziest, most comforting blanket in your home. $250

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