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Affordable Technology to Keep an Eye on the Family

Tech dad, Kirk Yuhnke, shares an inexpensive home security option.

When it comes to being a parent, protecting your family is always the number one priority. That’s why home security tech never seems to go out of favor. Problem is, you need a second mortgage to afford much of it. There’s a new Wi-Fi home security camera that is amazingly inexpensive but has all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect. I think it’s the perfect option to keep an eye on your kids and home when you can’t be there.

The WyzeCam is a square home security camera. The built-in base springs out and the entire camera can swivel in almost any direction. A magnet is built into the bottom so you can attach it to the adhesive metal disk (included), anywhere in your home. Plug it into any wall outlet and connect it to your Wi-Fi.

Like many other home security cameras it can stream HD video and sound directly to your smartphone during the day or at night with infrared night vision. It also captures motion and records clips to the cloud to store for two weeks. So what’s the difference? $20. This camera (with two weeks of rolling cloud storage included) is literally the price of three car washes. You could buy five of these cameras for the price of one camera from the competition.

In addition to the price, it has some fun features you won’t find elsewhere. Drop in a memory card and you can record longer clips or even record a timelapse video of the kids building that next Lego masterpiece. It also has an algorithm to detect a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector going off and will send you an alert on your phone. Now that’s cool!

The WyzeCam isn’t perfect. The plasticy build of the camera may feel cheap to some; the lack of a weatherproof housing makes it indoor only, and the app isn’t as smooth as others. Nevertheless, if cost has stopped you from buying a home security camera in the past, that is no longer an excuse. As a nursery camera, a nanny cam, or a way to keep an eye on the teens when they get home before you, I love the WyzeCam!

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