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Ready for a Fresh Summer Treat? Try Aguas Frescas

Taste this classic Mexican refreshment from local spots like the Aguas Colorado stand, popping up in Denver metro markets.

Growing up, Nestor Amaya frequently visited his birthplace, Juarez, Mexico. Stops for street food—the smells of taco meat cooking and clink of ice in agua fresca glasses—are imprinted in his memory. Years later, he started his own agua fresca stand and catering business in Denver, called Aguas Colorado.

The three main ingredients in an agua fresca are ripe fruit, sugarcane, and water all blended together. Amaya buys produce the day before he makes batches, for freshness, and focuses on quality ingredients. “We always try to make sure all our ingredients are natural, with no processed sugars, and distilled water.” As a father-to-be, he pays special attention to how kids experience his product: “It’s seeing those smiles. The kids always gravitate towards the bright colors.” Amaya also tops each cup with more chopped fruit and a drizzle of chamoy, a sweet/sour/salty/spicy Mexican condiment.

Follow Aguas Colorado on Instagram @aguas.colorado to see where Amaya’s stand will be popping up, and which cool flavors, such as cucumber lime and strawberries and cream, he’s serving this summer. 

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