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Fruit butters
Photo: Heather Gaumer.

Autumn Flavors in a Jar

Locally made fruit butters to indulge in this season.

Apple, pumpkin, pear, cinnamon—the flavors of fall are part of what makes the season so special. Pumpkin spice desserts are plentiful at bakeries, but if you’re looking for something sweet to enjoy at home, consider fruit butter.

We’re fortunate that Colorado is home to a mix of local farms that offer fresh produce, tasty jams and jellies, and you guessed it, fruit butters. These delightfully sweet spreads can be used in a variety of recipes, which offers an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Have your kids come up with fun, tasty ways to use the topping, then take a vote on whose concoction turned out best.

We tested a handful of fruit butters that are made right here in Colorado. Here’s what we loved the most.

Ela Family Farms

With more than 55 varieties of fruit trees grown on Ela Family Farms, the property produces some of the freshest fruit butters around. Our favorite was the Pear Butter, which only contains one ingredient: organic pears. The pears used are harvested at optimal ripeness before being sliced and slowly simmered. The result? A deliciously succulent topping to use on pancakes, toast, or flatbreads.

Pear Blossom Farms

The sweetest of the three, the Plum Butter from Pear Blossom Farms has a thin, jelly-like consistency. The vibrant purple hue will pique any picky eater’s interest, and the explosion of sweetness upon the first taste will seal the deal. The tangy flavors of plum are forthright, but a mix of spices offer a balanced experience. Try the spread on homemade biscuits or sourdough toast.

Colorado Cherry Co.

Have an applesauce lover? Their taste buds will go crazy for the Colorado Cherry Co. Apple Butter with Honey, which has a consistency just like the beloved kids’ snack. With notes of apple cider, allspice, and nutmeg, the perfectly sweetened spread can be enjoyed on bagels, sandwiches, or in yogurt.

8 Ways To Use Fruit Butter

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