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Make a Back-to-School Vision Board with Your Child

Set kids on a creative quest that will help them achieve their goals.


Along with that fresh box of crayons and brand new backpack, the new school year brings an opportunity for kids to set new goals. Are they hoping for all As or want to join a soccer team? Maybe learn to play an instrument or get a babysitting certification? A vision board is a first step to helping them reach those goals. It doesn’t have to be complicated or done in one day, and these creative collages can grow and change, just as much as kids do.

The How To:

Vision boards are simple collages that kids make from magazine clippings, drawings, photos, words, or whatever inspires them. Keep the activity fun and work together in a creative atmosphere with music or snacks.


Brainstorm Ideas:

Before your child starts collecting images, encourage him to brainstorm his ideas and goals. Include visions for school, extracurricular activities, hobbies, and even relationships, like less fighting with siblings or more reaching out to someone who looks like they need a friend. Encourage him to be specific. Ask what words or images could represent his visions for the school year.

Gather Supplies:

Collect scissors, glue, markers, and old magazines, greeting cards, stickers, and pictures for your child to sift through. For the background, or “board,” use a simple piece of cardstock, a sheet of poster board, or a corkboard that hangs on the bedroom wall.

Cut and Paste:

Let your child scan the magazines for images, cut them out, and paste, tape, or pin them to their board. Add words or actions that explain the images.

Keep Going:

Don’t let the vision board be the end of the activity. Chat with your child about how to achieve her “visions”. Ask, “What steps could you take to make that vision a reality? How can I help you?” Dream the dreams, then teach them to make the plans to achieve them.

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