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Jamie Hollier Balefire Goods

Meet Jamie Hollier of Balefire Goods

Jamie Hollier, owner of Balefire Goods, metal-worker, jewelry maker, wife, and step-mom shares how she balances life as an entrepreneur and mom.

Jamie Hollier is the cool art mom; the one rocking hip clothing, her body adorned with artful tattoos, heading off to the garage to make one-of-a-kind jewelry. She’s also the owner of Balefire Goods, an art jewelry store in Olde Town Arvada that holds events, classes, and exhibits that celebrate artists and jewelry craftspeople (many local) .

Outside of the store, Jamie is a wife, a step-mom to 10-year-old Braiden, and a Pinterest nerd. Here, she talks with us about co-parenting, why she doesn’t need me-time, and the best parenting advice she’s received.

Jamie Hollier Balefire Goods
Jamie Hollier in front of her store, Balefire Goods.

How did you get your start in jewelry making?

I grew up in my grandfather’s machine shop. He taught me to weld when I was a kid. I was interested in art jewelry really early on, but I never thought about it as something I could do. Then I took a college class in metalsmithing and I knew right away, this is what I love. There’s something so rewarding about working with your hands to make something physical.

How do you find the balance between business owner and mom?

Oh jeez, poor Braiden. He has four parents and we’re all entrepreneurs. In a way, it’s hard to balance because your companies are your kids too, but he gets to engage with the business directly. We all have set schedules in some ways and flexible hours in other ways, so we can usually spot each other much more easily than if all of us had traditional 9-to-5s.

What lessons have you learned along the way?

Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, I want to live at my job, but I have to remember that I have a responsibility not just to the company, but to Braiden. There was a learning curve early on figuring out when it was OK to say this can wait until tomorrow, whether that be something with Balefire or something with Braiden.

Balefire Goods
Jamie Hollier, her husband Tynan, and Braiden.

What does Braiden love to do at the store?

His favorite thing here is when we have events. He’s like our little enforcer or doorman. Also, just being in the atmosphere with the artists is great for him since he’s very creative. He plays flamenco guitar and draws – he’s just always had that natural interest in art.

How do you find Me Time?

I haven’t actually felt like I needed it. My work is fulfilling enough that my work is my me time. I found the right fit for where I want to be, which is something that not everybody has the luxury to do. If you have the opportunity and you’re in a position to decide where your heart is and where your fulfillment is, just do it, and the rest of your life actually becomes a lot easier.

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve received?

The thing that I always try to remember is that I don’t have to fix things for Braiden; I just have to empathize with wherever he is. It’s not our job as parents to make everything better, it’s our job to be supportive emotionally so that he can get through it himself. We’re never going to be able to fix everything for him, we can just help him be in a better place to manage it himself.

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