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Screenshots of Denver Zoo app

Be a Zoo Insider

Everything you need to know about the new Denver Zoo app.

Planning a day at the zoo? Download the new Denver Zoo app before you go. Here are four cool things you can do with the app:

1. Find the Giraffes

Use “My Location” on the GPS-enabled map to pinpoint where you are in the zoo. Then navigate the map to figure out directions to Dobby the baby giraffe or the nearest bathroom.

2. Plan Your Day

Click on the “Schedule” icon for a list of the day’s demonstrations, feedings, and zookeeper talks.

3. Celebrate Your Favorite Animal’s Birthday

The “Animal” area of the app introduces each animal at the zoo and gives their name, origin, birthday, and other fun facts.

4. Purchase Tickets

Buy tickets, a membership, or animal encounters through the app shop. Members can also pull up a digital version of their membership card and account.

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