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Lessons from Quarantine

Have you learned something new about your child from being together during the Stay-at-Home phase of the COVID-19 response? Are you noticing a hidden talent, a special skill, or an ability that you just didn’t see before?  Tell us what you discovered!

Has your family picked up a new unplugged activity or hobby during safer at home or quarantine?

Being stuck at home has inspired (forced) many of us to turn to creative pursuits to stay occupied: baking, building models, family game tournaments, all-family fitness challenges. Has your family or child started a new activity or picked up an unplugged game or activity, we would love to hear from you!

Does your child have great advice for younger kids just starting school?

If your child could impart a piece of wisdom or advice to a younger child just starting school, what would they say? Would they share a tip about how to behave, the yummiest food in the cafeteria, or the best and worst classes? We’d love to hear unedited answers from any and all ages to the question: What advice would you give to a younger kid just starting school?

Stories from the Parenting Trenches

Kids say and do the darndest things! Tell us your crazy, funny, heartwarming, embarrassing, or cringe-worthy parenting stories.

Do you know a Colorado kid who is making a difference?

Kids do amazing things and we want to tell their stories. Do you know a Colorado child, tween, or teen who deserves recognition for making a difference in their school, neighborhood, community, or the world? We want to hear about them.

Parenting at a Mile High

Colorado is packed with amazing experiences, unique locations, and yummy bites, along with the wild and wacky. What are your favorite family or kid experiences, locations, moments, and nibbles around the state?  In other words, what has made your family’s list of quintessential Colorado moments? Tell us your stories, and the best things about raising kids in Colorado.

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