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Children Playing Dress Up
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5 Must-haves for Playing Dress-up

Let your little one relish in pretend play with these imaginative costumes.


This magnificent Lion Costume will transform any living room into a zoo or safari. Suitable for kids ages three to six, the canvas cape is adorned with dainty paw details, gold fringe, and a tasseled tail. The matching headdress affixes to your child’s head with a hook and loop fastener.


Plastic dress-up crowns can easily break and aren’t always comfortable. This soft, cotton Princess Crown is made with quality in mind and is more enticing for kids to wear. The crown features an easy-to-use Velcro strap that can be adjusted to fit any princess’s head.


Pretend play meets practicality with this cheerful Gardener Costume. Perfect for the kid who wants to get dirty, the apron is machine washable. The set comes with a wide-brimmed hat, gloves, shovels, a rake, and a watering can.


Got a kid who enjoys playing the villain? This eerie Woodland Storybook Wolf Cape will be a hit. A loop inside the paws makes it easy for your child to grab on and bare their claws, even if their arms are still on the shorter side.


Any aspiring knight is sure to have his (or her!) shining moment with this Soft Shield and Sword. Elastic loops on the backside of the shield make it easy to carry, and the plush design ensures that your child and playmates stay safe amid the fun.

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