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best lunch containers for school
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School Lunch Containers That Don’t Leak

Say goodbye to lunchbox messes.

We asked opinionated kid critics and their parents to put seven lunch containers to the test. Here are the three that earned top marks.

Our Criteria:

best lunch containers for school

While it won’t keep food or drinks cool all day long, parents said that the PackIt Freezable Snack Bag kept lunch cold from morning until lunchtime. It’s perfect for packing a sandwich, yogurt, or cheese sticks. Just toss the bag in the freezer the night before. Overall Rating: 5/5

Mom says: “This is an amazing option for sending my toddler off to school with. It’s simple, versatile, and small enough to pack in a backpack.” —Cleo Moloney, mom to Robbie and Vinny, ages two and nine months

best lunch containers for school

The ZipTop Kids Set features 4-ounce silicone containers that stand up, stay open, and zip up. They are BPA-free and ideal for holding solid snacks like cereal, crackers, or fruit. The animal designs made them even more appealing to our young testers. One parent noted that her child preferred these snack containers by far, mentioning that he “couldn’t keep his little toddler fingers off of them.” Overall Rating: 4/5

Mom says: “I really liked these for portioning out larger bags of snacks. It’s nice that you can stand them up in the cabinet or fridge.” —Liz Schnabolk, mom to Weston and Owen, ages five and two

best lunch containers for school

Wowing parents for how well they sealed, the WeeSprout Stainless Steel Storage Containers landed a spot in the top three. Parents noted that they kept things cool and they also appreciated that they are dishwasher safe. Overall Rating: 4/5

Mom says: “I love that these are stainless steel, durable, easy for my son to open and close, and that they come in three different sizes.” —Jessica Flammer, mom to Davie and Gabriel, ages two and a half and two months

Honorable Mention

best lunch containers for school

The Elk and Friends Kids Snack Pouch was a close runner-up. The silicone bags are designed for little hands to hold, and they are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.

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