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3 Toddler-Approved Sippy Cups

Young sippers put these cups to the test, and their parents gave high marks.

Five popular training cups were tested by our tough toddler critics and approved by their parents. Here’s why these three made the cut.

Our Criteria:

best sippy cups for toddlers

The Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup features a spoutless design that allows drinking from any side of the cup. It ranked highly for durability. Parents also pointed out that it helps kids learn how to tip a cup toward their face in order to drink. $7,

Highlights: “It took a little while for my son River to figure out how to bite the top of the cup to release water, but once he did, he loved it! It’s very leakproof, lightweight, and easy to clean.” Overall Rating: 5/5

—Alyssa Bohanan, mom to River, 11 months

best sippy cups for toddlers

Crushing it in the interest level category, the Lollacup Sippy Cup has a cheerful look that reeled in our toddler testers. It has a weighted straw that facilitates easy sipping, is dishwasher safe, and has removable handles that allow the cup to fit into cup holders. $16,

Highlights: “My son Odin loved the look of the cup and gravitated toward the fun design. While his coordination is still developing, the weighted straw ensures he’s always getting water, which is crucial to growing his confidence and independence.” Overall Rating: 4/5

—Holly Lenhart, mom to Odin, 11 months

best sippy cups for toddlers

Made with BPA-free silicone, the Lalo Little Cup is soft on tender gums. The cup is designed to function three ways: with the straw, with the spout, or with an open mouth. Because the straw doesn’t have a stopper, the cup is best for introductory purposes and will allow you to see which cup style your child prefers. $12.50,

Highlights: “Bowie likes this cup because it’s small and soft which works well with his little hands. This is strictly an at-home cup for us because it will leak if it is squeezed, shaken, or turned upside down. I love the angled soft straw which is great for straw training and young babies with no, or new, teeth.” Overall Rating: 4/5

—Vanessa Ying, mom to Bowie, 9 months

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