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Cold-Weather Comfort Food Spots

Tasty soup, chili, and chowder to warm you up on snowy nights.

Winter weeknights are the ideal time to indulge in takeout. Whether you’re in a mealtime rut or a snowstorm is keeping you from venturing out, these local restaurants all offer pickup and delivery. So while you might be laying low at home, you and your family can still support small businesses—and enjoy a comforting bowl of soup at the same time.

Nest Cafe at Nurture

Located in Highland

Nest Cafe is located inside of Nurture, a wellness marketplace that brings together locally sourced goods and services. Nest partners with the urban farms Tasty Acres Colorado and Altius Farms, as well as other farms and vendors to deliver hyper-local fare.

What to Order: Seasonal Soup, Carrot Ginger
Give your immune system a boost with this mineral and vitamin-rich soup. The consistency is a bit thicker than a typical soup (closer to a purée), offering an extra comforting texture on a brisk evening. Kids turned off by the color? Create a clever name for the dish, like Turmeric Tigger soup or Finding Nemo soup, before serving it.

Pair it With: Simple Greens + Sourdough
The seasonal soup comes with a generously-sized side salad dressed in champagne vinaigrette and a wedge of toasted sourdough bread. If you need a hearty add-on, try the mushroom or egg tartine, which are two of the cafe’s best-sellers. Think of them as open-faced sandwiches, garnished with fresh ingredients like arugula, micro-greens, pickled onions, mint, and ginger root.


Located in Speer and Highland

Hungry customers can sit along the countertop and watch the chefs whip up ramen at Uncle, or order an easy in-and-out pickup dinner; menu items include kid-friendly options.

What to Order: Spicy Chicken Ramen
For those who enjoy a slight, but not overpowering spice, this is your dish. The chicken and pork-based spicy sesame broth is mixed with seared confit chicken, bean sprouts, soft poached egg, sesame seeds, and scallions. The portions are plentiful, so be prepared for leftovers if you aren’t completely famished. You can also order kids ramen, made with chicken and pork-based broth and noodles, for $8.50.

Pair it With: Chinese Eggplant Buns
All of Uncle’s appetizers and sides pair well with the noodle dishes. A popular one: The eggplant steamed buns—crispy eggplant topped with a miso mayo and a cabbage slaw dressed with pickled mustard seeds and plum vinegar.


Located in Uptown

Steuben’s upscale diner menu has made its mark on the Denver-metro area, and even earned a spot on an episode of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. While your kids likely eat dinner early, the location is open for takeout until 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

What to Order: Tomato Soup
This elevated take on classic tomato soup is extra creamy. While it’s featured on the menu year-round, it seems most appropriate to eat when the weather is dreary. The soup is made from scratch with fresh tomatoes, which they purée to add a thick texture to the soup. Sprinkle shredded cheese on top of your bowl for some added flavor.

Pair it With: Grilled Cheese
Try and name a more comforting duo—we’ll wait. Steuben’s serves up a grilled cheese that both kids and parents love. It’s made with a blend of white and yellow American cheese and Muenster cheese melted between two slices of thick, Texas-style toast. Dip it into your tomato soup for extra goodness.

Maine Shack

Located in Highland

Serving salty and delicious New England specialties, Maine Shack is one of the best spots to pick up a cup of clam chowder. Their menu is extensive, offering a variety of sandwiches, lobster rolls, fried whole-belly clams, and other seafood favorites.

What to Order: Clam Chowder
The chowder is rich and filling—essentially the ultimate form of comfort food. Order a few bowls for your family and load up on some side dishes.

Pair it With: Lobster Rolls
Choose from six varieties of lobster rolls. Go for the traditional Brown Butter Roll or opt for the Fancy Roll, which is garnished with cucumber, celery, herbs, lemon, mayo, and bibb lettuce. Looking to go all out? Add a whoopie or blueberry hand pie to your tab.

Crepes ‘n’ Crepes

Located in Cherry Creek

This quirky spot is set up well for to-go orders. Ring the doorbell at the front entrance, and someone on staff will come outside to bring you your order.

What to Order: French Onion Soup
Crepes ‘n’ Crepes certainly doesn’t skimp on the cheese in their French Onion Soup (note: not vegetarian). Each bowl is loaded with Swiss cheese and generously topped with croutons.

Pair it With: Ham or Turkey Crepe
Crepes aren’t only sweet. Enjoy this savory side dish while sipping your soup. Pick ham or turkey filling and choose from seven different cheese options.

Leven Deli Co.

Located in Civic Center

Looking for ultra-quick delivery? Leven Deli Co. surprised us with their fast turnaround time. Customers can order solo entrees, sides, or boxed meals online. There are a couple soup and chili options available, which change from season to season.

What to Order: Brisket Chili
A traditional chili base combined with pastrami, sour cream, and cilantro is served alongside a piece of fresh bread. The chili is moderately spicy, so if that’s not your thing, try the mushroom and barley soup.

Pair it With: Artichoke Sub
Add some veggies (okay…and carbs) to the mix with an artichoke sub. Stuffed with grilled and marinated artichokes, gigante beans, pickled chilis, and mixed greens, and topped with whipped feta cheese, this sandwich makes for the perfect companion to chili.

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