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Birdseed Ornament - Fireflies + Mudpies
Photo courtesy Fireflies + Mudpies

DIY Bird Feeder Crafts for Kids

Share the love by inviting new friends into your yard.

Winter is the perfect time to show a little love to the birds visiting your backyard. It’s also a season filled with opportunities to quietly observe and learn more about the feathered inhabitants of Colorado. You can attract birds to your natural spaces by making these cute and creative bird feeder crafts with kids of all ages.

February brings a special chance for kids to become citizen scientists while watching the winged inhabitants of the skies. During the Great Backyard Bird Count, February 12-15, 2021, count the birds in your family’s favorite outdoor spaces, then share your findings to assist scientists in gaining a better understanding of the global bird population. Tools and apps on the event website help families identify species, track findings, and share photos and experiences with other bird watchers around the world.


Simple Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Our Colorado backyard is filled with towering pine trees, which means it’s also usually filled with pine cones. Just one is all it takes to create a simple bird feeder. This project is easy for little hands, and short enough to hold the attention of a toddler or preschooler. You will need a pine cone, string or twine, peanut butter, and bird seed. (Here’s some advice on which feed to use to attract different birds)

Start by pouring some of the bird seed onto a cookie sheet or cake pan and set aside. Next, tie a loop of string or twine around the top of the pine cone. Now the messy fun begins. Use a spatula to smear peanut butter on the pine cone; be sure to push some into the crevices between the scales. Then, roll the peanut butter covered pine cone in the bird seed, pushing seeds on to coat. Hang the pine cone from a branch and find a quiet place to watch for bird visitors.

DIY Colorblock Bird Feeders

Recycle tennis ball tubes to make these bright feeding spots. Courtesy of Handmade Charlotte.

Recycled cylander Handmade Charlotte
Photo courtesy Handmade Charlotte


Birdseed Ornaments

Make cute, and bird-safe, ornaments in your favorite shapes. Courtesy of Fireflies + Mudpies.


Birdseed Ornament - Fireflies + Mudpies
Photo courtesy Fireflies + Mudpies


Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Feeder

Craft a two-story perch for visiting birds to rest (and snack) on. Courtesy of Mommy’s Bundle.

Double decker, recycled TP or PT tube bird feeder.
Photo courtesy of Mommy’s Bundle.

Bird Seed Monogram

Customize your bird feeder with your family’s or child’s initial. Courtesy of Country Chic Cottage.


Birdseed Monogram
Photo courtesy of the Country Chic Cottage by Angie Holden


Orange Cup Bird Feeder

Add a pop of fresh, natural color to your feeding spot. Courtesy of Kids Chaos.

Orange half bird feeder from Kids Chaos
Photo courtesy Ali Clifford of Kids Chaos

3 Places To Learn More About Colorado Birds

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