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Cute Critter-Themed Goods and Toys

Let your little one explore their world with these nature-inspired finds.


Toddlers will get a kick out of the way this Pull-Along Snail creeps across the floor. Designed for kids 12 months and older, the bright colors and funny movements the toy makes can spark imaginative play and promote gross motor skills. The snail slithers across hard surfaces differently depending on how fast your child pulls it.


Little explorers can treat their backyard buddies to a sweet and summery stay in this Bug Tiki Retreat. The set comes with a magnifying glass and tweezers for scoping out and picking up critters. Plus, it creates a safe and contained space for the creepy crawlers your child might want to bring inside the house.


Got a kid who’s more into the cuddly kind of bugs? This cheerful Wriggidig Caterpillar might be more their style. It’s a perfect bedtime companion or adorable addition to a nursery or playroom shelf.


The Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer will answer all of your kiddo’s burning bug questions: How slow do snails move? Are bugs afraid of the dark? Why do ants march in a line? Each page is dedicated to a key group of insects ranging from beetles and moths to crickets and earthworms.


The Nature Adventure Backpack is chock-full with everything a young biologist needs to learn more about bugs. Fourteen hands-on activities will teach them the anatomy of bees, the pollination process, tips for preserving flowers, and how to make their own bug habitat.

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