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Easter flower craft
Photo: Antonella Grossi.

Candy Flower Treats

Spring into the season with this simple craft that turns cardstock and paper straws into cheerful, treat-filled flowers.

Created by Antonella Grossi, a blogger and crafter at



  1. Use a pencil to trace a flower and two leaves on the colored cardstock of your choice. Measure the diameter of your egg, which is usually about 1½ inches, and draw a circle in the center of the flower to match.
  2. Help your child cut out the flower and leaves. Cut out the center circle to create a space for the egg.
  3. Apply hot glue around the inner circle’s rim and then fit the elongated part of the egg snug inside. Safety Tip: Adults should do any hot glueing! Once dry, peel off any glue drips on the egg.
  4. Apply a dab of hot glue to one end of a paper straw before attaching it to the flower.
  5. Hot glue the leaves to the paper straw stem.
  6. Open the egg and fill it with treats!

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