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Capture Summer Adventures in a New Way

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If you plan to take your family on an epic adventure this summer, you need the right tools to capture all the action. Just a few years ago, there was really only one good option for action cameras that could ride along on a surfboard, fly through a forest canopy or mount to your bike handlebar, but these days your options have expanded. Here are a few of my favorites:

First and foremost, you can’t go wrong with a GoPro. The HERO 4 may not be as intuitive as some of the other cameras, but it still shoots some of the best video, has a huge list of available accessories and captures the kids like nothing else. The newest GoPro, the Session, packs the same power in a smaller, waterproof package and comes in at just $200.


You may not hear about Sony much when it comes to action cameras but they have a long list of options that start at just $150. Sony cameras connect to your smartphone with Wi-Fi and offer built-in image stabilization. The video and picture quality looks great. I like the price and I think the video looks as good as a GoPro.

If ruggedness isn’t as important to you, but you need something super simple that can also go underwater, I really like the HTC RE Camera. Originally priced at $200, you can easily find it under $100 online. It looks like a tiny periscope, but despite its weird appearance, it fits perfectly into your hand. One press of the button takes a picture; hold it down and it records video. The RE Camera is the easiest to use of the bunch and it takes awesome pictures and video for a sub-$100 price.

Forget the 4×6″ prints or the boring cell phone video, amp up your summer family vacation with an action camera this year. You”ll capture memories that I promise will put your parent’s VHS “palmcorder” to shame.

Kirk Yuhnke is a self-admitted tech geek, parent of 3 kids and weekday morning anchor on Fox31 Denver’s Good Day Colorado.

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