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8 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

We all know about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but did you know there’s a day devoted to grandparents too?

National Grandparents Day—proclaimed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978 to be observed on the first Sunday after Labor Day—is on September 10 this year. It’s a day to recognize grandparents for all that they do for our families and a time to build connections through the generations. Whether grandma and grandpa live just a few blocks away or all the way across the country, here are eight ways kids and grandparents can connect this Grandparents Day.

  1. Cook a family meal. Spend quality time together in the kitchen cooking up some of grandma’s favorite recipes.
  2. Play together. Play board games that grandma and grandpa enjoyed as a child, and have kids share their favorite games too.
  3. Hear about the past. Kids can interview their grandparents about their childhoods. They might be surprised by what they learn.
  4. Try something new. Do grandma and grandpa have a favorite hobby? Spend the day learning more about their favorite pastimes.
  5. Explore family history. Make a family tree together, share old photos and talk about your family’s history.
  6. Do something active. Get out and take a short hike or walk to the park for a family picnic.
  7. Share kind words. Have children write a letter about how much their grandparents mean to them. For grandparents that live out of state, share the letter via FaceTime or Skype.
  8. Make something special. Children can make and send personalized cards or crafts. Grandparents love receiving homemade gifts from their grandkids.

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