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Sharks swim team
Photo: Kristen Scheppers.

Colorado Kids Share What They’re Proud Of

Families share what’s recently made them feel uplifted.

The past year has been a doozy to say the least. Yet kids are still growing, making goals, and accomplishing great things. Here’s a round of applause for anything and everything that’s made our young ones feel proud, like they’ve summited a high peak.

Connecting with Family

“I am proud of doing online school this year, because when I get done with school, I get to spend more time with my mom, and I’ve gotten to know my family better this year.”
–Chloe Akins, nine, Arvada

Swimming for Special Olympics Colorado

“I’m proud of swimming fast with my sharks swim team. First, there are two whistles, then a loud buzzer. The race starts; I wait. My friend swims and swims and swims—touch the wall, and GO! I swim fast. I did it! I felt tired. My team cheered. I felt happy. I felt proud. Winning a medal with my team at the state games was awesome!”
–Ashton Scheppers 11, Lakewood

Landing a New Trick

“Tricking is basically defined as a mix between martial arts and gymnastics. I did a ‘dub dub’ recently and was really proud of it. You start off with a full and then double-full, which is how many rotations you do before you do one back flip. It looks twisty while people do it. I did two doubles in a row on an air track. It made me feel amazing. That’s why I like doing it, especially when friends are around because it creates this environment where everyone is really proud of each other and uplifts each other.”
–Gabe Omega, 15, Aurora

Starting School and Sports

“Anika is proud of herself for starting her school, learning rope, basketball, and bicycle. We as parents are also so proud of her achievements. It feels so good that our daughter is being introduced to various sports at such a young age. Thank you to the [Special Olympics] Young Athletes team for all your hard work and helping our kids groom at various sports and recreational activities.”
–Rohit Godkhindi, parent of Anika Godkhindi, four, Lone Tree

Becoming a Mother

“My foster family has been by my side, believed in me, supported me through all of my highs and lows. I was told that bringing life into this world would serve as my greatest fight and the most rewarding challenge. My world shifted from that of what I wanted, to a world of what [my daughter] needed. I am head over heels! She encourages me to work harder than ever before, my baby girl is my greatest motivation.”
–M.A., 15, Commerce City

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