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Come From Away
The first North American tour company of Come From Away. Photo by Matthew Murphy 2018.

Come From Away Delivers a Top-Notch Parents Night Out

The new Broadway musical, playing at the Buell Theatre November 13-25, offers a much-needed reprieve during the holiday bustle.

Do yourself a favor and text the sitter, because you’re going to want to schedule this date night right away. No, but seriously, tickets won’t last long.

The new Broadway musical, Come From Away, is one of the most entertaining performances I’ve seen all year. The show—based on the true story of 38 planes that were grounded in a small town in Newfoundland on September 11, 2001—opens with the upbeat number “Welcome to the Rock.” Sung by a small cast of 12, the song paints a picture of the people from the tiny town of Gander that welcomed those 7,000 stranded passengers from around the world with open arms.

The show continues with song after uplifting song telling the story of the kindness and friendship that ensued during the five days those passengers were grounded in the small Canadian town.

“28 Hours/Wherever We Are” was a crowd favorite, detailing what went through the passengers’ minds after being stuck on a plane for over a day. Suffice it to say they made good use of the plane’s alcohol supply. Don’t be surprised when the F-bombs start flying or, yes, when two cast members open the plane door to flash the other passengers stuck on the tarmac—but don’t worry, it’s a PG flash.

One of the passengers, Hannah (played by Danielle K. Thomas), sings the moving, “I Am Here,” about her son, a New York firefighter that she’s unable to get ahold of—spoiler alert: this one just might bring you to tears. But fear not, there are more upbeat and happy tunes than downers in this show. After all, it’s not a show about 9/11, but rather, it’s about the kindness that ensued on 9/12.

Come From Away
Come From Away cast: (pictured left to right) Megan McGinnis, Emily Walton, Becky Gulsvig, Christine Toy Johnson, and Daniele K. Thomas. Photo by Matthew Murphy 2018.

In “Me and the Sky,” pilot Beverly (played by Becky Gulsvig) sings an inspiring number about her journey to becoming the first female captain at American Airlines, and her eagerness to get the passengers on her Boeing 777 back up in the air.

All in all, the show is a heartwarming celebration of the best of humankind. The Canadian accents are on point, as are the comedic one-liners, and the cast will have you laughing and crying at the same time.

At one hour and 40 minutes long, there’s no intermission in this production, leaving you plenty of time to grab drinks or a late bite to eat before heading home to relieve the sitter.

Need to Know: Come From Away is playing at the Buell Theatre for a limited time, November 13-25. Evening and matinee showtimes are available, and there’s no show on Thanksgiving Day. Tickets start at $35; purchase tickets online or at the box office.

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