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Photo: Stephanie Cole from @Nachobasicmom

Crafts Kids Can Make With Just a Few Supplies

No need to run to the store! These crafts use items found around the house and will keep your little one busy for hours.

It seems like we’re all just trying to stay busy lately, and if you’re running low on those ah-ha ideas to keep your kids entertained, we’ve got you covered. These easy-to-make crafts require very few supplies, so you don’t need to panic buy glitter or a three hole punch online. Plus, even if you happen to be missing something that one of these crafts calls for, you can simply help your child come up with a different way to make it their own.

Spoon Dolls

Cupcake wrappers, washi tape, and colored pencils turn wooden (or plastic) utensils into fun new toys.

Photo: Make & Create

Egg Carton Flowers

To make these festive flowers, simply cut an egg carton into three sections of four, paint the petals, then glue a paper straw or painted stick to the back. Have some pom-poms lying around the house? Add the finishing touch by glueing one in the middle of your flower.

Photo: Stephanie Cole from @Nachobasicmom

Cotton Pad Rain Clouds

As it turns out, cotton pads can be used for more than just removing nail polish. Let your kids glue them onto cardboard and attach popsicle sticks to create their very own rain clouds.

Photo: @mornings_with_toddler

Milk Carton City

Before recycling an empty milk carton, give it another life by transforming it into a building. Let your child decorate the structures using markers or paper. Then, help them paint a street on paper or fabric so you can drive toy cars through your new city.

Photo: Make & Create

Paper Buggies

No toy cars at home? No problem! Make your own with just a bit of paper and some glue.

Photo: White House Crafts

Desk Organizer

Straighten up your space by repurposing a toilet paper roll to corral your pencils and pens. Add rhinestones, lace, and scrapbooking paper to give each organizer its own personality.

Photo: Design Improvised

Watercolor Ducks

Go back to the basics by tracing your child’s favorite animals that they can then practice cutting out. Set out watercolors or paints to decorate the animals.

Photo: @mornings_with_toddler

Pipe Cleaner Pals

These googly-eyed friends give us major Forky vibes. Use them to play make believe, or as a new bookmark that your kid can tuck into their favorite read.

Photo: Thriving Home

Egg Carton Flower Wreath

Perfect for Easter or Mother’s Day, this vibrant wreath is the ideal craft for older kids. Use brightly colored paper and sparkly pom-poms—both are sure to add some extra cheer throughout your home.

Photo: Design Improvised

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