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Denver Zoo elephants
Jake and Chuck are the Denver Zoo’s newest Asian elephants to join the herd. Photo courtesy of Denver Zoo.

Denver Zoo Welcomes Two New Asian Elephants, Jake and Chuck

Have you herd? There are two new Asian elephants at the Denver Zoo.

Denver Zoo recently welcomed two new residents to the herd. Jake, 8, and Chuck, 10, endangered Asian elephants, arrived at the Zoo by way of African Lion Safari in Ontario, Canada.

The pair join the Zoo’s current elephant inhabitants, Groucho, Bodhi, and Billy, making Denver Zoo home to the largest bachelor herd of Asian elephants in North America. Their home at the Zoo, Toyota Elephant Passage, is one of the largest elephant exhibits in North America, featuring two miles of trails, more than 1.2 million gallons of water for swimming and bathing, six outdoor yards and nine indoor areas, and other features to ensure their well-being.

Jake and Chuck join the Denver Zoo’s elephant posse. Photo courtesy of Denver Zoo.

“Denver Zoo is deeply committed to the protection of Asian elephants and uniquely qualified to house and provide exceptional care for multiple bulls,” said Brian Aucone, senior vice president for animal sciences at Denver Zoo. “We designed and built Toyota Elephant Passage to support the Asian elephant population in North American zoos, and establish Denver Zoo as a worldwide leader in the care of male Asian elephants.”

Asian elephants are classified as endangered, with a decreasing global population estimated at fewer than 35,000.

For now, Jake and Chuck are adjusting to their new home and are not currently visible to guests. They will make their elephant-astic entrance later this fall.

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