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Bedtime is a Great Time for Conversation

Quiet nights are the perfect time for a little chat.

The house is quiet. Baths are done, teeth are brushed, and your child is settling under the covers. You sit beside them on their bed and savor the coziness of the moment, wondering how you can extend this pre-sleep bliss. The answer: pose a mellow question to ponder together.

While not every night may be so leisurely, bedtime tuck-in can often be the perfect setting for engaging your kids in thoughtful conversation of the dreamy variety. The comfort and security of bedtime routines allow kids to open up and share from their heart.

To use this special time with your child for exploring dreams, aspirations, and bucket list goals together, try mulling over one of these questions before you kiss them goodnight:

After your conversation, make a note of what stood out in your child’s answers. Consider how you could help make those dreams come true.

Incorporating this exercise into your child’s bedtime routine from time to time will take your parent-child bonding to a new level. Plus you’ll have a whole new group of ideas for wake time activities you can pursue together.

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