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Spooky Flying Bat Decorations

Decorate your home with these easy-to-make bats, using just four simple supplies.


Decorate your home cave with friendly or scary bats. These decorations are made with heavy-duty tape so they will last for, possibly…eternity.

Flying Bats

Courtesy of Duck Tape

Supplies and Tools

bat craft halloween family
Photo courtesy Duck Tape

Step 1

Make a Duck Tape fabric piece (find instructions to create fabric here). The size depends on how big you want your bat to be.


bat craft family halloween fun
Photo courtesy Duck Tape

Step 2

Make a template for your bat out of card stock if you want your bats to be the same size.

bat decor decorations halloween fun
Photo courtesy Duck Tape

Step 3

Trace your template onto your fabric. If you do not use a template, draw your bat onto your fabric.

bat craft decor decoration fun
Photo courtesy Duck Tape

Step 4

Cut your bat out.

bat craft family fun halloween
Photo courtesy Duck Tape

Step 5

Add faces and embellishments to your bat. Create more using the same template or create different sizes and designs.

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