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    Mom, I’m bored. I hear this at least once a day. Man, do I hate it when my children say that to me. My response is always that it’s good to be bored sometimes. I mean, we live our lives through a Google calendar every single day. I’m constantly telling my friends if it’s not in my calendar it’s not going to happen.

    In hopes of filling your calendar with some fun activities, we have gathered everything to do in Colorado. You will find this guide is filled with everything from museums and baby boutiques to nature walks and resources for special needs. We have also included a Top 10 Things to Do in Colorado as a bucket list for you.

    Keep this handy guide in your purse or car, and you will always have these resources with you and can plan a quick day trip when you get that dreaded question, “Mom, I’m bored. What can we do?”

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