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Fake it, Don’t Make It: Thanksgiving Meals To-Go

Sometimes the holiday stir can wear out even the best of us, and the stress of planning a feast from scratch can be overwhelming. Not every home can handle five cooks in one kitchen. Maybe you don’t have every tool a recipe is calling for or a random ingredient you will never use again. When you still need to work through the holidays, you don’t have the time to shop and spend hours in the kitchen. 

Fear not – there are many places right around the corner opening their doors for all. Below are just a few places in Denver where you can save yourself the hassle of cooking and focus on the food. Each meal is oven-ready, customized to any size of family gathering, and accommodates even the pickiest eaters.


Mondo Market
Delight in a stress-free Thanksgiving celebration with Mondo Market’s tantalizing meal options, meticulously crafted to cater to families and groups of any scale. Embrace the essence of the season with a complete feast featuring a fresh, ready-to-roast turkey, an array of restaurant-quality sides, rich gravy, and tangy cranberry sauce. Enhance your spread with signature house-smoked ham, artisanal salads, an assortment of freshly baked bread, appetizing starters, and meticulously curated charcuterie boards. Indulge in a sweet finale with an assortment of delectable desserts featuring classic favorites such as pumpkin pie, pecan pies, and brownies for even the pickiest of eaters. Ease the holiday rush by opting for convenient delivery or pick-up services available on the Tuesday or Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. Secure your Thanksgiving feast by placing your order online or visiting Mondo Market directly. Act swiftly, as the order deadline is Sunday, Nov. 12. Prices range from $80 for 2-3 people, $150 for 4-5 people, to $196 for 6-8 people.

Three Saints Revival
Experience an innovative twist on the Thanksgiving tradition with Three Saints Revival’s Turkey and Tapas feast, situated at 1801 Wewatta Street. This enchanting LoDo destination presents an enticing to-go meal package featuring an eclectic fusion of both classic and contemporary culinary delights. Indulge in a remarkable dining experience priced at just $45 per person, encompassing an array of tantalizing starters, sumptuous mains, and delectable sides, complemented by an assortment of perfectly paired sauces, allowing for a customizable and gratifying dining adventure. A convenient, detailed at-home cooking guide accompanies each meal. Spare your time by presenting savory hummus, delectable flatbreads, and exquisite baba ganoush, complemented with harissa and dill yogurt-infused roasted carrots. The centerpiece is a succulent rosemary-brined turkey breast alongside flavorful spinach with bacon, lemon, garlic, and velvety buttermilk mashed potatoes. Secure your unique Thanksgiving experience by placing your order before 2 p.m., Nov. 20 to pick up your feast between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Nov. 22.

Catering to families of all sizes, Nosh presents an exclusive Thanksgiving catering pick-up package specifically designed to accommodate families ranging from 6-8 people, with the flexibility to serve gatherings of up to 20 guests or more! Highlighted by a whole, oven-ready turkey seasoned with a compound butter and herb blend. Customize your feast with an array of delectable options. Choose among succulent vegetables from balsamic brussel sprouts, creamy corn, or classic green bean casserole. Savory garlic mashed potatoes or the luscious sweet potato casserole. Accompanied by 12 delectable honey wheat rolls, zesty citrus cranberries, delectable bread stuffing, and savory gravy. Treat your taste buds to croissant bread pudding, a timeless pecan pie, or a classic pumpkin pie that is sure to satisfy the whole family. Secure this remarkable feast at the affordable price of $285 for 6-8 people.

Buca di Beppo
Opt for a small-sized feast, perfect for gatherings of up to 3 people, priced at $105, or choose the large feast, catering to groups of up to 6 people, at an enticing cost of $192. As an added treat, you have the option to enhance your meal with a delightful touch of classic Italian flavors, select from a delectable range of baked ziti, savory chicken carbonara, or renowned World Famous Meatballs. Enjoy the convenience of choosing between a chilled pick-up option, allowing for effortless serving at your preferred time, or a hot and ready option, ensuring a seamless and immediate dining experience.

Honey Baked Ham Co.
This generous dinner package is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate even the most expansive family gatherings, serving up to 14-18 guests. Delight in the abundance of flavors and the promise of scrumptious leftovers, all at the price of $148.99. Indulge in a succulent 9lb bone-in honey baked ham and a beautifully roasted whole turkey, ranging between 11-13lb, ensuring a memorable and satisfying meal for all. Dive into the delectable goodness of their signature dishes, including the tantalizing mushroom, red pepper, and green bean casserole, adorned with crispy fried onions, and the velvety smoothness of our creamy mashed potatoes, all enhanced with the rich and savory essence of our classic turkey gravy. Savor the joy of togetherness and the delightful flavors of the season with our bountiful Thanksgiving dinner, promising a feast to remember and plentiful leftovers to relish for days after.

King Soopers
Amidst the bustle of the holiday rush, look no further than your neighborhood grocery stores for a convenient and delightful meal solution. Relax when you get the Bone-in Roasted Turkey Meal, catering to families of 6-8 people at the affordable price of $80. A spread featuring a meticulously roasted 10-12 lb turkey, accompanied by a medley of savory delights, including green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, velvety mashed potatoes, comforting cornbread dressing, and the rich turkey gravy. Now complete with 12 King Hawaiian Rolls, and conclude your meal on a sweet note with pumpkin pie. All components are prepared with your convenience in mind, ready to be effortlessly heated and served. 

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