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Nanno - the Caregiver-finder app.

Just when you think all systems are in place, an emergency happens and you find yourself in need of last-minute childcare. Finding quality care in a flash—from someone you can trust—can be difficult. Enter Nanno, a caregiver-finder app and website created by two Colorado moms.

Liz Oertle and Desi McAdam, co-founders of Nanno, both have two young kids. Juggling busy careers, Oertle, a lawyer, and McAdam, a software developer, wanted to have more of a safety net when it came to reliable caregivers. They knew other parents were in the same boat, too, so the duo decided to combine their skills and use technology to create a solution.

Nanno currently works on an invitation basis. The system leverages people’s existing networks to connect parents with a caregiver who is trusted by the people you trust. Schools, churches, and other organizations can also participate by linking parents with caregivers. Caregivers are carefully screened and must be 18 years or older, be background-checked, and have both CPR and first aid training and certification.

When the sudden need for a caregiver arises, parents use the website on their smartphone—which functions as an app—or computer to request a caregiver in the area. The request goes out to all caregivers currently available and the first one to respond gets the job. Response time is under an hour, on average, to get a caregiver connected with the child.

Parents can request caregivers for children of any age, but birth to age 10 is the typical range. The cost is $20 per hour for up to three children, of which the caregiver receives $15. Oertle and McAdam are working on a program in which caregivers with additional skills, such as working with special needs or tutoring, will receive a higher fee.

Oertle and McAdam plan to grow Nanno within Colorado and nationally, connecting with neighborhoods, schools, and organizations to recommend caregivers or parents to participate. Nanno will pay a commission to those making recommendations, including schools, which can use the commission as a school fundraiser.

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