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Fox leaves craft
Photo: Sofie Collin.

Craft Your Own Foxy Fall Leaves

This fall, collect some foliage and draw a variety of delightful fox faces.

Autumn creates the perfect excuse to go outside and find little bits of nature to craft with. This project combines beautifully colored leaves and black and white markers. Simply take your kids exploring, collect some foliage, and draw a variety of delightful fox faces.

By Sofie Collin

You Will Need:


Before coloring, press the leaves in a flower press or between heavy books. Make sure all the leaves you’re using are completely dry. To avoid any tears, help your child hold their leaf down with your fingers, or tape the leaf to your surface, and then encourage them to color gently.

Sofie Collin is a blogger and mom who shares creative kids’ crafts and recipes at

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