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Frozen 2
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Frozen II is as Warm and Satisfying as Thanksgiving Leftovers

Anna, Elsa, and their friends set off on an adventure to save Arendelle in the entertaining sequel, just perfect for the holiday weekend.

Settling into my theater seat, bucket of popcorn at the ready, I was eager to be reunited with Anna, Elsa, and my favorite snowman, Olaf. I had high hopes. The first Frozen film was a massive cultural moment for kids and adults alike—especially parents living on a never-ending loop of “Let It Go”—so I was excited to see how the sequel would stack up. To my delight, Frozen II has a rich storyline, with just as many catchy songs as the original. Frozen II brings a new adventure for the two royal sisters, as well as Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf, as Elsa searches for the root of her magical powers.

The Adventure Continues

The sequel begins three years after the original left off. Elsa has reigned as queen of Arendelle but feels unsure about her leadership abilities. To add to her insecurity, she keeps hearing a melodic voice singing to her and she is the only one who can hear it. Following the mysterious voice, she, along with Anna, Sven, Olaf, and Kristoff, are led to an enchanted forest where they find the Northuldra, a group of people who have been fighting with soldiers from Arendelle. Elsa, Anna, and their group is led into a series of adventures to save Arendelle from a mysterious force.

Stand Out Hits

Frozen fans will be delighted that the second film has just as many memorable songs, with even more Broadway influence. Elsa gets another hit, “Show Yourself,” that’s bound to be the next “Let It Go.” The empowering song, sung by Idina Menzel, tells the story of Elsa looking for the origin of her powers. Lovable and goofy Kristoff gets a power ballad, “Lost in the Woods” that takes many cues from ‘80s music videos, including a chorus of singing reindeer and a few guitar riffs.

Frozen 2
Photo: Disney

Olaf Gets Deep

The sequel takes on more of a political tone than the first, exploring the importance of Arendelle owning up to its past mistakes and respecting indigineous communities. Anna and Elsa’s relationship in the sequel is much deeper, showing audiences that working together is more effective than trying to solve problems alone. As the comedic relief to Elsa’s more serious personality, Olaf hilariously ponders some of life’s biggest questions, and reasons that everything will make sense when the young snowman is older.

Frozen II Measures Up

Frozen II seamlessly merges belt-out ready songs with important lessons for younger audience members. Funny moments had everyone in the audience laughing out loud, like Olaf’s one-man show for the Arendelle soldiers and Northuldra people in which he gives a brief history of Anna and Elsa’s lives. Immediately after seeing it, I wished I could have rewound and watched his performance again and again. Thankfully, the songs from the film are sure to be stuck in my head for weeks.

Release Date: November 22
Rating: PG

Frozen II
Photo: Alamo Drafthouse

Frozen II at Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse is celebrating the return of Anna and Else with special screenings and promotions. With purchase of tickets to any Frozen II showing, guests can order a snowman cookie-decorating kit for $5. It comes to your seat with a snowman sugar cookie and a DIY frosting kit. Don your pajamas for the Frozen II cereal party on November 23 at the Sloans Lake and Littleton locations, which includes a cereal buffet and several milk options to enjoy during the film.

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