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Getting the Kids Outside and Off the Screens

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country. This is definitely not a biased statement, but there are so many things about Colorado that are an artist’s dreams. The pristine mountains, the hiking trails, the wildlife, everything screams go outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. With that being said, there is something that is better able to capture the attention of children and adults alike without the need to step foot outdoors.

That is screens, whether that be cellphones, Ipads, or T.Vs, screens have become that much more prevalent in our daily lives. For children especially, it can begin taking up a large majority of their time if left unchecked to the point where they ask for more and more screen time and screen time in substitute of other things like family time or going outside. 

If you find your children trending in this direction and wanting a change, be the one that changes first. Oftentimes, children take after their parents, so if you are overly attached to your phone, they will follow your example. So, if you want them to go outside and get off their screens more, be the one that sparks that change. 

Make it a fun experience. Don’t just tell them to get off their phone simply because you told them to. In order to truly inspire change, you have to make it somewhat enjoyable. Take them out on one of the many trails in Colorado and have fun doing things that they would love. If they are simply going outside just because, then they will start associating the outdoors with not so positive thoughts.

The outdoors is a great place to be in Colorado. There are endless things you can do and so many beautiful things to witness with your own two eyes. Doing it together with your entire family makes the moment even more beautiful.

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