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Gratitude on the Go

Take a moment to show your gratitude with these helpful smartphone apps.

Gratitude is a powerful tool against negative emotions, according to an article from Psychology Today. Research by Robert Emmons, a leading gratitude researcher, confirms that gratitude “effectively increases happiness and reduces depression.” And the benefits keep coming; it can also improve physical health and sleep, increase mental health, and improve self-esteem.

That seems like something you would want to remember. But, while it’s easy to stick to a gratitude practice in November as we celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s not so easy to remember the rest of the year. Apps to the rescue! Smartphone apps remind us of appointments, to check our bank account, heck, sometimes to breathe (thank you Calm app). They can also remind you to take a moment for gratitude.

The Gratitude Journal 365 app (shown) features a space for each day, to write a word, a phrase, or a whole grateful journal entry and to add a photo. Switch to the list or calendar views to see all of the wonderful things you have recorded over the month.

The Three Good Things: A Happiness Journal app (free) keeps it simple, asking you to answer: What went well today? Each entry gives you three smiley-face bulleted prompts to fill in as you remember the good things.

Use these apps together as a family or download them on the kids’ devices to help them deflect the feel-bad emotions that pervade social media.

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