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Gratitude tree craft
Photo: Makayla Shartle.

Make Your Own Gratitude Tree

A simple way to display your gratitude and involve your kids in holiday decorating.

You Will Need:


  1. Collect tree branches and use clippers to cut the branches to the height that will fit in your vase. Arrange the trimmed branches in the vase.
  2. Print and cut out leaf and acorn patterns. Trace the patterns with a pencil on craft paper (three to four leaves of each color and six acorns). Cut out each leaf and acorn.
  3. To make fuzzy tops for the acorns, cut the nut part of the acorn off of the pattern. Use the top of the acorn pattern to trace with a marker onto the felt and cut it out with scissors. Glue the felt cut outs on the top of the acorns; set aside to dry.
  4. Use markers to write something you are grateful for on each leaf. Enlist help from the kids to offer suggestions.
  5. Mix all of the beads together in a bowl. Draw lines and swirls of glue onto leaf cutouts and sprinkle beads onto glue. (Tip: Hold the leaves over the bowl of beads as you sprinkle to avoid making a mess. Shake off excess beads.) Lay leaves flat to dry overnight.
  6. Cut pieces of string (about five inches long for the leaves and two inches long for the acorns).
  7. Use scissors to carefully poke a hole in the base of each leaf and the top of each acorn. Thread one piece of string through each hole and tie a knot in the back.
  8. Hang the leaves and acorns on the branches.

Makayla Shartle loves to share recipes, crafts, and all things holiday on her blog, ​​

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