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Guide to Handling Concerts

Photo credits to Vishnu R Nair on Pexels

Concerts can be very exciting and thrilling, as long as you are safe about it! On one hand, you get to listen to amazing music, sing and dance along, You are surrounded by others that also want to enjoy themselves and get lost in the flashing lights. However, it can be very anxiety inducing with the large crowds, ticket and merchandise lines, and (worst of all) traffic. One may also find themselves uncomfortable due to their wardrobe choice. Your phone can also die from taking all those videos, or get lost if not watched properly. Between all of the chaos, it can be very overstimulating. You, your child, or someone you know may be attending a concert soon, so how can we assure safety and comfortability to be able to soak in the moment? Here are some tips and tricks I use to make the concert experience seamless:

Wear comfortable clothes (yes, and shoes). 

Planning ahead with time and necessities. 

More concert tips

Concerts are an experience that will last you for a lifetime. These tips are to ensure that each second is worth it!

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